About the School of Mechanical Engineering at SKKU

The School of Mechanical Engineering at SKKU is originated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering founded in 1966 and the Department of Machine Design established in 1978. The both departments have produced over 7,000 mechanical engineers who have contributed to the national development of Korea and actively participated in industrial sites, academic world, and research institute achieving excellent performances. Since the integration of the two departments as the School of Mechanical Engineering in 1996, it has continuously endeavored to develop institutions and educational conditions of the department including education programs, educational environment, academic affairs management, and department operation, and student management to the international level through establishing its own development plans. Our department has been accredited by ABEEK(Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea) since 2005 and we focus on demand-driven education and student-centered education. Since then, it has operated the system along Digital Appliances Track and Digital Imaging Track with Samsung Electronics, and Secondary Battery Track with Samsung SDI and LG Chemical.

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